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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Every Day Is Special

Anna woke everyone up as we shared our breakfast and coffee by sharing a volunteer experience she had through Assistance Link. The story was about a little boy who was receiving a bag of clothing.  He did not understand why he was being given so much.   He worked through this puzzling question and came up with the answer….because I am special.
Pat continued her work with Frank studying for his GED. Several times she has expressed to the group his intelligence and potential. I have no doubt she expressed this to him during their time together. What a wonderful gift of encouragement for him.   I have no doubt he feels special after this week.
We have all worked hard this week at the Historic Oak Hill School (pictured), which is being renovated to be used as a community resource…painting, sanding, hanging drywall and many other misc. tasks. But mostly as the work has progressed we have discovered how each of the young men in the Youth Build program is special. On our 4th day, Jon Jon, in the absence of Jimmy, the project manager, took the initiative to show management skills and leadership by giving the volunteers instruction on the drywall.   John and others in the group gave him positive feedback for his efforts—expressing his good management potential. We were all rewarded by smiles and the look of happiness on his face as he went back to work.
Jody joined the work site after a three month break. He was unable to find a job and rejoined the program.  We discovered and enjoyed talking with him about his musical talents. He plays seven instruments. Anna was surprised while washing her paint brush to see a foot sticking out of the wall. She found Boo Boo working in a small hole on the plumbing. She captured a short video of him and his work. Talking to him about this was the most animated we have seen him all week. He was excited to be the star of his own mini feature of “who is the hole”.
Thought for the day….   
“When did we see you hungry,and feed you; when did we see you thirsty, and give you drink; when were you naked, and we gave you clothing; when were you sick, and we visited you; when were you a stranger and we welcomed you? And Jesus answered, When you have done this to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it to me.” Matthew 25: 34-36
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