July 1 – Browning, Montana

After breakfast and packing our lunches, Ally went to Eagle Shield to help prepare meals for elders and later returned to continue work at the BCC library. Leah, Ally2, Tee and Hannah went to East Glacier to work with kids at the Boys and Girls Club health fair, but when no kids showed up, they returned to the care center where they were able to finish painting by lunch time. Then, they went to the Boys and Girls Club in Browning where they helped kids learn how to make stir fry, draw and cut out flowers, and play outside — which included countless piggyback and shoulder rides.

The rest of the group was busy at the Blackfeet Academy experiential garden and the community garden and greenhouse shoveling dirt, and creating the foundation of the planting bed. Molly and Jessica planted carrots and onions, and did some cleaning. Since the walk between the two gardens on the BCC campus was so short, the two groups connected for lunch at the greenhouse and continued to work together, cleaning out the hundreds of small containers that once held carrot seedlings.

Michele picked us up around 4PM so we could clean up before we left for a picnic dinner at Brother Ray’s house. Before heading out, we visited the Museum of the Plains Indians and the art gallery across the street. They were both very intriguing and showed immensely detailed aspects of the life for the Plains Indians. Many of the artifacts were similar to some of the ones we got to hold the other night in our presentation with Marty Martin, which was very special.

Once we arrived at Brother Ray and Brother Pauls’ houses, we set off for the buffalo jump, which was a very historical and sacred site for the Blackfeet. We learned that before horses were brought to America by the Spaniards, the Blackfeet had fewer ways of capturing and killing buffalo. At this site, they would drive buffalo over the cliff, where all were wounded or killed.

At the barbeque, we feasted on hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops and baked beans among many other items. As we were eating, we settled down in the living room to watch the fascinating documentary on the Blackfeet. It was really neat to see and hear about places we already knew. After the movie, we returned to DLSBS for the night.

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