June 30 – Serving in Montana

Ned, Maia and Sam went to the Academy to finish the garden with Charles, and planted flowers. Meanwhile, the rest of the team helped prepare and serve meals at the Blackfeet Tribe staff appreciation picnic. When we had finished cutting tomatoes and onions, cooking burgers, hot dogs and chicken, and setting up the rest of the lunch, we danced to the groovy tunes the DJ practiced as we unloaded chairs and opened more packages.

After serving and eating lunch, we lie in the sun and watched as the large assortment of prizes were given away. We helped clean up and were given fold-up chairs in appreciation of our service. We finished our assignment around 3:30.

This evening, we hiked to a scenic point…beautiful and above the tree line a majority of the time, providing continuous views of the surrounding mountains. The hike was steep and the winds were so high that at many points, we had to duck down close to the slightly sheltered path. It took us a little over three hours in total, and we were very happy and refreshed as we drove back for a late dinner of beef stew and rootbeer floats.

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