June 10 – Today in Montana

Today in the morning, we went over to the Blackfeet Community College (BCC, Global Volunteers’ host organization) to talk to Bob Tailfeathers, a dean of students at college. He has been a dean for about 25 years. He started by talking about when the college started. BCC, when it first was built, there were about 120 students, but now there are about 500. Students can graduate from BCC in four years, but there is a program where students can do two years at BCC and transfer to other colleges and get their degrees from there. Then, Bob told us about his art work and showed some samples of his work. His drawings were amazing. It was hard to believe that anyone could make that kind of drawing with just a pen. He said that his older brother was the one who led him to the drawing and after that Bob just started to draw by himself. The drawings featured eagle, buffalo, wolf, and mountain lion. In each drawing there was a Blackfeet word for each animal. After we were drawn to his explanation of his art work, all of us bought something whether it was a drawing or earrings or both, and then we each went to our work sites.

Rob and I went back to the pool to scrape the walls some more. We did not start where we left off on Tuesday. The men’s shower room was finished after we left and we started on the walls of the main pool. We worked for about two hours and got about three quarters done. So, all that is left is one wall of the main pool and some parts of the walls of the small pool. Then, we came back to school to have lunch and then went over to the bunkhouse with Jerry to clean the trailer. Brother Paul gave us the list of what needed to be done and we got started as soon as we got there. We swept and mopped the floor, and cleaned the restrooms and showers. It took us about an hour or so and we drove back to school.

Before dinner, Annette took Mary, Laura and me to the stores to buy some books on Blackfeet Indians and some other gifts. Then, we had leftover beefsteak with biscuits made by Candy and salad made by Mary and then, Annette took us on a short trip. Rob told us that in the morning when we worked at the pool, Shelly told him that she saw elks on her way to Heart Butte, so we decided to go to Heart Butte after we took off. Unlike the past two days when it rained, the sun came out in the afternoon and on our way to Heart Butte we saw the mountains partly hidden by the clouds, horses,ducks, dogs, and cows. Then, on our way back to Browning, we saw more horses, but this time they were on the highway. So, even though we did not get to see elk as we set out to do, we at least saw horses standing on the road, which I have not seen before. So, that was the fourth day of the program, and the week seems to go by so fast, but so slowly at the same time that it is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day that we get to work with Blackfeet Indians.

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