A New Week of Classes

The headmaster has been busy these days, so they assigned another teacher for me to work with. Well, his name is also Shadrack. He said people used to call him Shad, so I’ll just call him Shad here.

Diana, babbi and rose being introduced to students before the tooth and hand washing class at Ngongwa primary schoolIMG_0662I went to school at early morning as I normally do. The first two periods of classes were in form 1. It’s an English class, but today’s topic focused on geography. It was a listening comprehension exercise. First we have to draw a map of Kenya and the neighboring countries on the board. Because the students don’t have textbooks, they have to copy the map onto their exercise books. I’m so glad my drawing skills were finally used. After we finished that, we had to put several blanks on the map and write down a list of cities. Then, Mr. Shad asked me to read a paragraph which describe the locations of the cities, and students would fill the blanks according to what they heard. Students in this class are much younger than the classes I taught the last week, so they made a lot of noise. As a punishment, Mr. Shad asked the whole class to stand up. It’s such a big class and I have to say, when everyone was standing I felt like being in a forest. After about ten minutes, I said it’s hard for them to study like that, and we should let them sit down.

In the afternoon, Rika and I were done with work in the school. It was such a warm and sunny day, so no one wanted to stay inside of the house. The carpenter was not in the village to begin putting the roof on the Primary school bathrooms, so we helped Edward planting trees for about one and a half hours, then we went to the local bar to see what the bamboo juice is like. Well, we didn’t really try that because Edward and Mohamed kept saying that during the time that the drink was made, there were some flies swimming in it because it’s sweet, and if I drink it I will have a stomach ache. But still, I was so curious so I had a sip. It was not that sweet, not strong neither, but it had a really “bamboo” taste. I was confident about my stomach, because I grew up in China, so probably there is no food can beat me.

After the bar, we came back and enjoyed some relaxing time in the yard. Rika brought half bottle of beer to Mama Tony. She laughed, and she was so happy! After we finished dinner, I spent some time to prepare for tomorrow’s math class. The headmaster asked me to introduce a new topic, which is even harder than the last time I taught. It wouldn’t be just explaining examples. To introduce a new topic, I have to make it very clear and let everyone understands me. So I better get ready for it!

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