Vietnam Volunteer Brett D. was eager to share a slice of his service program experience:


Today we had a special breakfast. Don had asked about the meal, the name of
which I can’t recall. Mr. Cuoung, the hotel manager made special
preparations to provide us with the meal. I loved it. The Vietnamese food
seems to agree with me. As a diabetic, I test my blood sugar every day, and
the results are very good. I can report my blood glucose levels have been
quite normal the last several days. Brett is happy.

The classes today is were especially fun. Tracy and I have been using tongue twisters as fun ways to practice pronunciation. The students turned the tables on us and challenged us with a Vietnamese tongue twister.

This was the first day the team had to get back to the hotel without Miss Pam. We had no problem.

In the evening we attended the water puppet show, a traditional art form in Vietnam. It was a short 45 minute show, but quite delightful.

We had dinner at the 6 on Sixteen restaurant and had food from the Sapa region of Vietnam.

Thought of the day: “It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.”  Dr. Seuss

– Brett

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