Our Last Day in Our Tanzanian Home

One of the beautiful scenes I'll never forget.

One of the beautiful scenes I’ll never forget.

On Thursday, we went to the secondary school to do our final tasks and say farewell to the teachers and students. Zijun Dai  graded some math papers, and I taught a brief lesson on proper nouns to the Form I students.  I took some extra time for a last look through the village.

We returned to the mission house for lunch and to complete our packing.  After lunch, we said farewell to Mama Tony and departed for Iringa town.  The streams were very high from the heavy rains; elsewhere in the region there has been flooding. Edward and Mohamed went to run errands, and  Dai and I went for a walk in the town. Then we went to Neema Crafts and bought a few small items.  After dinner at the Lutheran Centre, we went out for a beer with Edward.

The next morning, we were awake and on the road early for the long trip back to the city. Mr. Shadrach was with us in the vehicle until we reached Dar es Salaam. We stopped in  Morogoro and had a delicious lunch of whole fish and chips at the Arc Hotel.  It was a very delicious and a nice break from the long drive. Still we had terrible congestion when we reached Dar es Salaam, so the last part of the drive was very slow. We arrived at the Slipway Hotel around 6 in the evening, and went to the harbor restaurant for dinner.  Tomorrow, we all leave for our homes in different parts of the world.  Ah, Africa.  Farwell – but never far from my heart!

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