A day of wonderful, hard work

We began the day with our usual breakfast and team meeting. Once we arrived in Calderón, the community volunteers were ready and waiting for us. There were four moms and a brother. The moms spent the morning sifting the dirt from the rocks. Missy helped by pulling the rocks from the gravel, Darrell made sure the loose gravel was available for sifting, and I was picking the ground – loosening the dirt and routinely finding old bricks. The morning was definitely labor intensive.


Sifting sand and moving sand!

The afternoon was much more clam. The three of us helped the tías prepare their Valentine’s Day projects for the following week. Each classroom was making love bunnies in different colors – and we helped cut out all of the pieces, 6 pieces total, for every child in the school. This project, of course, rolled over to the following day.

Missy and Jenn also helped one tía prepare the workbooks for her classroom. At the end of the day, and because time permitted, Missy and Darrell taught some conversational English to the tías who remained after their kids had already left. I know the tías were very appreciative.


Snack time!

Once the day was over, the team returned to the hotel to prepare for our team night on the town. We stopped at the mall for a couple quick errands, then met Maggie at the designated spot to catch a taxi. The first two cabs wouldn’t turn on their meters so we all hopped out. The third taxi agreed to a price and we were on our way.

We ate in the Old Town at a new restaurant, Vista Hermosa. At Vista Hermosa, you eat on the roof patio with an amazing view of Quito. To the south, the Basilica stood tall and proud. To the north, El Panecillo (the virgin of Quito), keeping a watchful eye over her city. Dinner was very good and everyone was blissfully full. As we left downtown in our taxi, we all agreed we would be eating here for our second team outing. It was a wonderful end to a wonderful day.


Darrell, Jenn, and Missy at Vista Hermosa, with the gothic Basilica standing tall in the background

Entry submitted by: Jenn

Message of the Day – Jenn: “Give, but give until it hurts.”  – Mother Teresa

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