Discover Hanoi During its 1000th Anniversary Celebration

Volunteer as a Teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam

Delight in the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful and bustling capital city that abounds with parks, lakes, art galleries and museums while gaining a non-tourist perspective of Vietnam’s culture and educational system by teaching conversational English at either the Foreign Trade University and Ngyyen Binh Khiem High School to help students and most of the teachers to improve their pronunciation.

Work in teams of two to four volunteers to develop exercises and games aimed at building confidence by helping the students improve their speaking ability (their grammar and spelling skills are quite remarkable).

“We returned from our trip with memories of their smiles, kind words and wonderful culture,” said Cinda. “Teaching business to university students gives me a great deal of pleasure. I love to watch their eyes light up when they ‘get it’… when they understand a new concept or theory.”

During free time and evenings, Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a feast for all the senses says team leader Francoise Yohalem. “The beauty and smile of the slim women with conical hats balancing their bundles of freshly cut fruit, the smells of the food being cooked right on the sidewalk and served to locals squatting on mini plastic footstools, the packed market across the street with its flowers vegetables and pungent spices, the buzz, rumble, honking of the motorcycles and the cries of hawkers.

About three blocks away from the hotel is the peaceful Hoan Kiem Lake where volunteers may enjoy the uncluttered wide sidewalks and lovely trees, an important and sacred site in the history of the city. No special skills are necessary to join the upcoming Sept. 24 or Nov. 19 teams – only a curiosity about the world, a desire to be of service, and a high degree of flexibility.

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