June 5 – 12th Summer on the Reservation in Montana

Today, although it was the second day of the trip for most, it was the first day that our whole team was present. As soon as I arrived I realized how much reality differed from my expectations; I had anticipated a large group of high-strung people who were already best friends with one another. In actuality, our group was small, low-key, and no one had met before this trip, with the exception of my mom and me. Introductions, explanations, and background stories all around, we got to know each other the best we could in the short allotted time of our morning meeting. After our discussion about our individual choices to go on this service trip and our brainstorming session about the characteristics of an effective team, we began the journey to Glacier National Park because of the unanimous group wish to view Montana scenery.

Although most of the Park was closed due to snow (yes, snow in June), we were able to see Running Eagle Falls and Two Medicine Lake which both absolutely stunned me with natural beauty and serenity. Maybe it is because I spend most of my time in a large city, but the mountain air seemed fresher, crisper, even better quality than the ordinary, everyday air that I breathe in. I’m not sure why this struck me so much, but it stayed with me the rest of the day.

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