Getting Ready for Jubilee Celebration

TAN1410A1 Linda mortaring library wallMessage of the Day: “My favorite thing is to go where I have never gone.” – Diane Arbus

Journal: Today was a busy day at the secondary school with all the activities to get ready for Form IV graduation and the Jubilee celebration tomorrow. The bricks lining the walkways and gardens are painted white, a new flag pole for the Tanzanian flag was erected, roads were leveled, flowers were planted, the banner is set up – all is ready for the big day!

We worked on the library for a while with the students.  We were hoping to view the rehearsals but they were postponed until later in the evening so we weren’t able to attend.  We were invited to watch the slaughtering of the cow, but decided “No, thank you!”  Hot bag showers for all. The day was slow as so many of the preparations were completed – now we have the festivities to look forward to.


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