I checked Cuba off my “bucket list” in 2013 when Global Volunteers (an organization I’ve been passionate about since 1989) asked me to lead a People-to-People program in Cuba.  I was so there.  I loved the people, the history, the sights, the music, the food, and the mojitos.  My biggest take-away was, “what does my government have against the magnificent people of this island nation?”  On the morning I heard that Alan Gross had been freed in exchange for three of the Cuban 5, I emailed my good Cuban friend Amy with my excitement over the news.

So, now with the opportunity to volunteer in Cuba, I’ll see you soon my darling Amy, and Abner, Gemma, Edwardo, beautiful Tury, my adorable girls at the Casa de la Trova, my friends at Teatro D’Moron, and my new BFF Prof. Doris Quintana!
– Sue Surma

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