Betty WoodAs a Global Volunteers “veteran, ” I was eager to join the Cuba Program right after the first of the year.  Even though we saw many historical sights in Havana, the highlights were the conversations with the young English teachers who strolled the streets with us, and we shared our thoughts on similarities and differences in our cultures.  They’re curious about the changes that Cuba might face when the U.S. Embargo is lifted.  One woman, who is a lawyer, spoke to us of Cuba’s laws, and possible upcoming changes.

The seniors at the Baptist Church seemed like happy people who have led very full and productive lives.  We enjoyed the work of many artisans – they’re experts at recycling, as we saw in many pieces of their art work discarded household items, etc.   Of course, the dancers and musicians were amazing.  I have never seen such limber bodies and fast movements.  They even included us in the performance on stage.

We were so happy to have Pam Cromer as our leader, since she’s made many trips to Cuba with Global Volunteers.  She knew the people, the agenda, and the regulations imposed upon U.S. travelers.  It was an absolutely interesting, informative experience for me….besides being loads of fun. Now at home, I’m heartily recommending the Global Volunteers Cuba Program to everyone!
-Betty Wood

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