The Side of the Road was Covered with Flowers

“The return of this asymmetrical Saturday was one of those little events, internal, local, almost civic, which in peaceful lives and closed societies create a sort of national bond.”
~Marcel Proust

Today we slept in and ate breakfast late after which Mohammed walked with us to a particular road that led to a good view of Pommern. We met Mohammed’s friend who had worked with him at Ngoro Ngoro. Mohammed stayed to visit with his friend and we continued down the hill. Along the way children shouting, “Picture, Picture” stopped us to have their image digitally recorded. They would then rush toward the photographer giggling to see the result.

The side of the road was covered with flowers and white, orange, and red as well as stands of bamboo and eucalyptus. We found our way down one hill to a stream and up the other side where you could indeed see Pommern scattered along the ridge with sky above and mountains in the distance to the right.

Other walks followed to the place where the big trees had been felled the day before, to the store, to the soccer field.

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