Back at Tomorrow with Smiles All Around

Team Journal Entry for Monday, February 2

23And this morning we are two. Three including mother Maggie. We were five volunteers starting an adventure eight days ago. Our new friends, Robert and Dee Dee, had signed on for the first week only and departed Friday and Saturday last week having left an indelible mark on the new mural. Dee Dee so ably helped paint and on the little ones who were so enamored with Robert and his outgoing nature. The tías’ words of appreciation to them both on their last day demonstrated what even a five-day interaction can do to build relationships and sow the seeds of cooperation, companionship and compassion. They are missed and I believe missing what they helped start. And what of Pam? Our other new friend, she was laid low by the curse of all child care enterprises, catching whatever illness it is/was that is/was sneezed out, coughed up, or touched by the babies she so sensitively fed, held, and nurtured. Hopefully she will recover quickly and rejoin us in the next day or so.

So how did we spend the beginning of our second week? Well, it is clear that Maggie, as you would expect, is correct. The mural is not completed, still to be done are two large bees skillfully outlined by Tía Gaby and a sign to recognize the efforts of FUNDAC and Global Volunteers to create this wonderful mural. The next phase starts tomorrow as well as an effort at installing shelves in two classrooms.

143Liz spent the day with Tía Gaby and then had what appeared to be an uproarious time teaching English to Tías Alexandra, Karina, Ruby, Gaby, and Norma. If the amount of laughter translates to comprehension, then the tías will be speaking quality English by week’s end; if not, they will be able to say they had a lot of fun trying.

Mark spent the day with Tía Diana. Trying to be helpful while trying to not upset the organized chaos that occurs as we endeavor to wash hands, brush teeth, and, of course, go pee-pee, but not in that order. These little ones are just too cute, he remarks repeatedly. Mark spent the afternoon helping to create “shape boxes” using shoe boxes, glue, colored paper, and little person scissors. It was slow going but he continues to get “muy bien” from the supportive tías. We are back at tomorrow with smiles all around.

Entry submitted by: Mark 

Message of the Day – Maggie: “Those who are flexible in thought, will inevitably succeed.” – David Cunliffe


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