Our final work day at CASEM

Message of the day:  “Today was good.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one.” -Dr. Seuss (in honor of Andrew’s favorite writer)

Daily Journal:  Today was sadly the FINAL work day at CASEM. Breakfast of fruit, eggs and toast were served at 7:30 sharp along with the option of my 99th cup of coffee or 50th cup of tea. I gladly chose tea due to an earlier threat of a Latin America “bug” that caused my Wednesday to be cut short. As usual we picked up Patricia and made quick stop to the local hardware which amazingly had quite a bit of merchandise. No Home Depot though! On the way to CASEM, Amy and I learned that the during this time cows are not producing milk so trucks had to deliver the “leche.” Hmmmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with that “bug.” We finally arrived to our destination to find two familiar dogs, one of which who was known as the group bully. Not only are the dogs present but also was two sprinting tourists heading into CASEM saying, ” This place has the best stuff!”

With in an instant of walking through the door, it was if all the members radars went off alerting all mothers of my condition throughout the building. Today might of been my lucky day as the members present were in the double digits. The women of CASEM quickly came to my aid and prepared me a local lemon-herb tea. Being the good mothers they were, I was not allowed to work until the finished the boiling hot tea.

In the meantime, Nery, Patricia and Amy discussed some possible signage for the restaurant which somehow quickly came for fruition. Patricia put her computer skills to the test and carefully designed a template, while Amy and I prepared the recycled materials. Visiting tourists from Alaska and Colorado were relieved to see this project take place as they were not aware CASEM had a restaurant. The signs were soon completed and now was the task of placement. The interior sign was strategically mounted by the good luck, holographic Jesus while the other sign replaced the much older, rotted, paper-like outdoor sign.

With the day flying by our work was concluded for shopping, photos and the community Thank You. Lets just say that Julio might no longer be the king of CASEM, as the members, one in particular (Marina) was anxious for photos. Emotions were high as I could tell the members genuinely appreciated all of the work of the past two weeks from Rodney, Cassandra, Bridgett, Owen, Jody, Bella, Joanna, Cate, Andrew, Nancy, Willie, Jesse, Amy and myself. Amy and I were then picked up by the local transport and headed back to the always welcoming Mar-Inn. As I stepped out of the taxi, it only seemed fitting that the sun was shining and a light mist was falling reminding me of new friends and the simple things in life that can mean so much.  -Ed

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