All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity

Message of the Day: Picked by Rodney “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” -Dr. Martin Luther King

The Simple Path:
Silence is prayer
Prayer is faith
Faith is love
Love is service
The fruit of service is peace
-Mother Teresa
Daily Journal: Today was an awesome day.  We started the day off right with pancakes, our group meeting and goal setting.  Afterward, we set out for CASEM and everyone eagerly anticipated our next project.  We arrived and took over the front yard with our de-weeding, painting, raking and skein making.  Finally there was a coffee/tea break and that’s when Rodney, Cassandra and I trekked to the Friends School for a Quaker Christmas Day Meeting for worship.  Everyone loved our Chicken and rice lunch today which was a welcomed alternative to rice and beans.  The workday concluded with a trip to the Argentinian chocolate restaurant which put everyone in even better spirits.  That night we went out to dinner at Trio, a very tucked away dinner spot, and treated ourselves after a hard day’s work.  Luckily we also found the only ice cream store still open even though it was a holiday and I had some chocolate mint that tasted like frosting.  We returned later than normal and played a speedy game of Left, Right, Center.  That’s what I call a great day…and no one has gotten bitten by scorpions yet.  -Bridgette (19)
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