Volunteering in Costa Rica – Global Volunteers April 22

Wednesday April 21th
Picture: Amy masterfully paints the trims

Zsuzsa’s Journal Entry

Fell asleep without the local rodeo fiesta lullaby. The dog did not bark, the morning was bright. Breakfast was a real treat with fresh fruits, eggs and cheese from the Cheese Factory. To add to the feast, Cliff, Amy and Gabriella went for an early walk to Sofia’s bakery and brought some super pastries.

We set off to work full and happy. Worked hard on the bathroom to have at least one area finished. The broken window pane was replace by Miguel, the paint job was finished and the sink was reattached. We all looked forward to start painting the school room with the paint chosen by Rita. The color was mixed with white paint, and Rita was not quite sure what she wanted.. I seemed to be the color expert, and had my finger swatches on the wall. After much mixing and consultation, we all agreed that the pale yellow was very nice and started to paint. Gabriella painted clouds on the ceiling, and all agreed that they looked great.

We had another super lunch and fresh slices of pineapple and mango as a treat. Gabriella had her photo taken with a group of enthusiastic kids and Miguel. I would have liked to have a nap, the heat and food got to me, but went back to work and worked the rest of the afternoon. We had great sandwiches for dinner , before some went for the night walk.

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