Days of painting

Thought for the day: “If you are thinking in terms of a year plant a seed, if in terms of 10 years plant a tree, if in terms of 100 years teach the people.” – Confucious

Journal by: Steve Bennett

Today began with the typical breakfast, albeit slightly delayed. Everyone seems to be conscious at this juncture of the program that time is fast slipping away and the only a few days remain. As it has been in recent days, Susan and Kristina go to Center #1 while Jessica and I go to Center #2.

Kristina stops by to check on my work and leaves to get some more yellow paint to complete the work on the yellow shelves. They had proved very troublesome. Susan continues her work with the children at Center #1, while Jessica has opted to spend some time in the kitchen today prior to chasing the children around.

The day is sunny and warm. I have an older table that is given to me to paint after I finish the final coat of green in the morning. I am pleased with the green.

At lunch we all meet at the restaurant and have some tough steak with lentils and rice. For dessert is tasty flan.

Jessica stops at the Tía store on the return trip for some snacks and treats. Jessica will work with the kids while I work on the blue table and then back to the final coat for the yellow shelves. Today my eyes are tearing constantly from the paint fumes. Good thing I am not painting inside.

Towards the end of the day it is apparent that I will need more paint thinner tomorrow. Kristina must think I am mixing cocktails with the stuff. The tías bring me two more tables for repainting. I am overwhelmed with painting.

A leak happens in the blue can which leads to a loss of paint. The wind blows over the plastic brush bucket with the blue brush in it. Mess again!

After arriving back at the hotel Jessica and Kristina depart. Jessica to the mall and Kristina for a walk in the park. Susan and I take a cab to the Indian market. I buy two bedspreads, two sweaters, and a pair of earrings. I carelessly lose my wallet.

The day ends with chicken for supper and us all sharing our day.

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