An Ecuadorian folkloric dance show

Message for the Day: “No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal right of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.” – Thomas Jefferson

July 27, 2011

Journal by: Sherri Sheftel

We began our day as usual relieved that Kristina felt much better after her illness the previous evening. Dean, Steve, and Jessica returned to Center #2 to continue painting and taking care of the children. Jessica experienced a particularly wild day with the children, at least one child took off her diaper and decided to decorate the room with its contents. We are still in awe of how the tías must skillfully manage the classroom when we’re not there. Sherri continued helping Tía Norma with the babies as that class seems to be in constant need of assistance. Sherri is still in shock that the children remain safe from potentially serious hazards. The eleven-month-old continues to present an additional challenge to the tranquility of the setting. Susan seems to have a good handle on her kids and has rapidly discerned many of their individual personalities and idiosyncrasies. In addition she prepared a very helpful English lesson to engage the tías. Sherri worked with Tía Ruby, who is having great difficulty, but is most determined. Kristina even added Stalin to her group of learners. Jessica purchased some souvenirs from the masapan store already. The rest of us are looking forward to doing so.

After work Steve and Dean went to the park, where Dean joined in a basketball game. He seemed to be easily accepted by the other kids. Sherri and Jessica walked to Supermaxi to enjoy coffee and see the shops.

After another tasty dinner most of us attended the folkloric ballet with a dapper Martin. Apparently, these amazing performers travel the world and have won awards. Their dances depicted their beliefs, values, feelings, and the story of their typical ways and life cycle. The costumes and dance were very elaborate.

We all returned feeling exhausted from our day. This time everybody planned to go to bed promptly.

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