4th of July on the Rez- Montana

The whole group got together after lunch for reading of message and journal. We loaded up supplies and started in the van to the place where our hosts, Brother Ray and Brother Paul live – about 14 miles away. We worked there on several projects – window washing, landscaping, power washing the school bus, grass mowing, and quilt mending. Brother Ray grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, pork chops and bratwurst. We couldn’t eat outside – there were too many mosquitoes! We had apple pie for dessert.

Marty joined us as our Indian “storyteller” who gave us knowledge about his personal history as well as that of the Blackfeet. He explained the difference between Blackfeet and Blackfoot as well as some other tribes. He spoke about the difference in the cultures and the history of the land “given” to the Indians and then taken away in bits and pieces by treaties, etc. He told about all the things done and grown by Indians before the “White man” came. He showed us his many gifts from friends and prior to starting to tell us more, he blessed us all in order that we might be allowed to handle many sacred objects. He is a great storyteller and answered our many questions as well.


Message – Frank Outlaw
It’s all about character.
Watch your thoughts,
They become words.
Watch your words,
They become actions.
Watch your actions,
They become habits.
Watch your habits,
They become character.
Watch your character,
It becomes your destiny.

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