A birthday celebration!

Our Wednesday brought us many good things. It’s Gloria’s birthday and we celebrated with a cake that Maggie brought to FUNDAC. The tías were happy to join us as little kids obediently rolled out of their beds, put on their shoes, and waited in their classrooms like angels. Today Gloria, Glenn, and I reassigned ourselves to new rooms so that all the tías could enjoy the support of a Global Volunteer. Shereen is in a room with the oldest children, who enjoyed lots of cutting and gluing today, and ample outdoor patio time.


Glenn and Gloria with the birthday cake


Birthday celebration!

Gloria was with the babies, who impressed her with their good-natured manners and ability to sit all lined up like soldiers – angelic soldiers, that is.

Glenn’s children address him as ‘Tío Papi’ (Uncle Daddy) and he relished being the new ‘climbing toy for the little tykes.’ Later he moved on to being the official ‘cut out’ master as he created cut outs of bears, cows, and clothing, always with a smile and a good attitude.


Tío Papi


Gloria and Yuliana, who is learning to walk


Shereen helping to get the kids ready to go home

Our lunch at our little green restaurant was a welcome reprieve. After our volunteer hours, we visited an artisanal shop where items are crafted from bread dough, which isn’t actually bread dough. Everyone left with inexpensive yet priceless souvenirs and mementoes.

Upon our return to Hotel Sandmelis and a lovely dinner, we painted the town red for Gloria’s birthday. Off we cruised in an orange licensed taxi to the Plaza Hotel for red wine and Bloody Mary’s accompanied by, of course, plantain chips and some kind of corn nut. The hotel piano bar was packed by just the three of us. Number didn’t matter; we had the life of a full party. A highlight of our March evening was a hotel worker proudly offering us the English Miami Herald dated January 4, 2014. Ah, Quito! Never boring, always something interesting, and stretching us daily.

Entry submitted by: Shereen

Message for the Day – Shereen: “It doesn’t matter if your glass is half empty or half full. Be grateful that you have a glass and that there is something in it.” – Unknown

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