A Bittersweet Goodbye

“Love is the answer at least to most of the questions of my heart, why are we here, where do we go and how come it’s so hard? It’s not always east and life can sometimes be deceiving; I’ll tell you one thing it’s always better when we’re together”
-Jack Johnson

Well this was my last full day in Pommern. This morning Kate and I went to the clinic and performed some major mopping of the clinic. The rest of the morning was otherwise pretty uneventful. Meghan and Hope went to help Moses with the construction of the kitchen of the secondary school but Moses was not there. They both went to the primary school and the kids seemed to be able to get an extended recess with the two of them. Carrie went to the school and had a Swahili lesson with the kids. We met for lunch, it was awesome; we had what I would describe as potato fritter balls and they were delicious. Meghan went straight to take a nap and was to be awaken for the afternoon work. Carrie, Kate and I went to the primary school and each took a group of students. I won’t lie, it was difficult at first and went to my teammates for help. Once duck duck goose was played everyone had fun. Hope went to the secondary school to keep typing up exams. We returned at 4:15 to find Meghan awake from her nap. I had forgotten to awaken her and she had slept through the afternoon activities! Oh well, I think she needed it. Kate, Carrie and I walked to the catholic mission them returned for another delicious meal. Since it was my last night we all took turns talking. I felt embarrassed somewhat. Later we went to the pub fir a beer then stood outside in awe of the sky. I have never seen so many stars before. I though there were many where I lived but this African sky is different. I wish my teammates a wonderful week and know all of our goals will by met and lives changes. It is a bittersweet goodbye!

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