June 9 – A BUSY DAY! – Montana

Today was the day that Jerry “alleviates some Caucasian guilt” he set as a goal at the beginning of the week. We volunteered at the Flood Memorial for the flood that had spread over this reservation back in 1964. When we got there, we were glad to see that Mary had made it there safely, since she arose at 6AM to help Candy prepare the food. We started by finishing up some of the food that was started in the morning, and then preceded to package a little bit of each kind of food into the containers. During the middle of our work, the people started their Memorial, which consisted of chanting and drumming (this is the part where Jerry “expatiated his Caucasian guilt”), but Jerry was right when saying that for that brief moment he could imagine the Blackfeet doing that same chanting and drumming 200 years ago because I was visualizing it too. I would say that we packaged this food for about 1 hour and 45 minutes straight, which equaled out to around 400-500 food packages. After we had finished, we went around distributing the food and handing out drinks.

After the Memorial ceremony had finished, we went back to De La Salle because we were all exhausted from the intense work. After sitting around for awhile, me, Laura, and Brother Paul went to the “mansion” to measure the area of some rooms. Later on, before dinner was done cooking, me, Laura, and Michele went to the video store and picked out “127 Hours” and “The King’s Speech” to watch tonight, both are fantastic movies. It was a great experience today at the Memorial, helping and serving others, while getting a little taste of their true Indian culture. And it didn’t hurt to kick back and relax the rest of the evening after the hard and hectic day’s work. (By the way, Michele, there is still bleach on my hoodie.)

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