Using Your Professional Skills as a Volunteer
health care volunteers in St. Lucia

Students, teachers and parents listen intently to volunteers’ health care and nutrition lessons.

Health Care Global Volunteer Laurie describes parent-child education lesson through the Reaching Children’s Potential Program in Anse la Raye.


It is Friday, which means Team Building Day at the library! My teammate Gabby and I have been anxiously awaiting this day, because we are the “expert” presenters, for the entire day from 9:30am to 2:30pm.  We both had a restless night, a frantic morning throwing together our visual aids, consisting of magazine cutouts and cereal boxes and a salvaged cardboard box, and with markers, glue and imagination it all came together at 9 am!

Like most things you worry and stress about, we had an amazingly great fun day, with laughter, giggles and actual learning!!

Lucy, the caregiver director, and six local caregiver staff graciously engaged in our icebreakers.  First they answered “If you had a magic wand what would you change……?”  Interesting answers, and then Gabby had the caregivers, children and mothers laughing so hard they were falling off their chairs.  No further comment.

Gabby did a great presentation on creative snacks encouraging parent/child interaction, followed by the caregivers making apple/peanut butter lady bugs. I followed with a talk on nutrition and tried very hard to make it interesting.  The young caregivers were so attentive and eager to learn, all in a successful day in Anse La Raye.  I’m grateful for this volunteer program in St. Lucia.

Global Volunteers’ Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) program addresses the needs of pregnant mothers and the first 33 months of their children’s lives – before birth to the second birthday. RCP objectives are to help families and community organizations deliver the services necessary for every child to realize their full potential.  This requires breaking the cycle of poverty by eliminating stunting, ensuring that children retain all their IQ points, educating students to the maximum extent possible, and offering every child the opportunity to be a full and contributing member of society.

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