A Day of Progress

Tuesday was definitely a day of progress. We began the day with an introduction with our morning crew, and thankfully, there were no slip ups in the “favorite food” category! We had the pleasure of working with some determined and strong-willed eighth graders who helped us paint a third coat on the gym floor and then begin forming and painting lines.15

After lunch we were able to finish taping and painting the lines and then finished painting the rest of the floor green. We were also able to organize the jerseys and uniforms thanks to Melissa and Cari and then present the kids with a few of the jerseys, which was a very cool experience. All of the sports equipment was also put together and then at the end of the day a little pick up soccer game occurred between the volunteers and kids – man, are those kids talented! But our volunteers had a great effort, too!

As we head into our last day working on the gym, I think we all can see how much appreciation both the kids and staff at Colegio have for, so far, only the two days of work we have put in. My heart has definitely grown and been filled with much love from just seeing the kids’ smiles and effort they put in to helping us. ¡Pura vida!

Entry submitted by: Taylor

Message of the Day – Knox: “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” – Robert F. Kennedy 

Cari Ellison



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