Letter to team leader, Pam Cromer:

Dear Ms. Cromer

Thank you for thinking about AmbuTech.  We do support projects such as yours, and I would be pleased to work with Global Volunteers.  Our policy is to donate canes when we do have some in stock or to charge a minimal $10 – $12 per cane (depending on tip type) if we don’t.

We custom manufacture every cane we sell and as such do not generally have inventory on hand, however, you’re in luck as we do have some in stock.  For donated canes one thing I ask is to have you send pictures of the canes with the end users to us.  We display them on a bulletin board for our production staff to see.  It reminds us that we’re making products for real people and helps us to stay focused on quality!


Gordon Hudek
VP Sales & Marketing
AmbuTech Inc.

IMG_0228Dear Pam: We’re deeply grateful to you and Global Volunteers for donate in-kind to Blind-Link Free White Cane Program. I am glad to answer your questions as below:

1. Almost none of students (both male and female) have the white canes which blind people are using in the U.S. In fact, I haven’t seen any blind or visually impaired people use the white cane which is used in the U.S.

2. While we prefer collapsible canes,   we’re also happy to receive long white canes because it is better than none.

3.  Blind-Link can cooperate with the CTRB to train students to use the canes. Deputy Director of the CTRB, who is helping us a lots, is the author and also a teacher in this field.

4. Visually impaired female and male often take a bus and walk to get to work. Blind students often live and work/study at the same place because they can’t mobile independently by themselves.

Again thank you Pam and Global Volunteers for your great help!!!

Warm hugs,

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