A Fun and Unique Group of People

Derek Davis, Westin Davis, Kate Inskeep, Wes Santos, Linda Schlapp, and Lauren Neal listening to student presentationTeam 227 awoke to a beautiful sunny day. After breakfast, we headed down to Colegio where we were warmly greeted, as always. Rather than getting straight to work, we received some more knowledge about Costa Rica by participating in a fundraiser. Students had put together a presentation about various regions of Costa Rica and complemented their research with delicious food. After that we were reunited with our work crew, and started working on the trail.

We took a lunch break and Wes and I bravely joined a soccer game in the basketball court. Neither of us stood a chance, but it was fun nonetheless. That afternoon, we finished the trail maintenance and went to the gym for yet another game of fútbol. Yet again, the crazy gringos were a bit out of their league, but it was definitely the funniest part of the day. All too quickly the game ended and we walked home, drenched in sweat.

After that, we all relaxed and enjoyed a yummy dinner, which for once was free of beans and rice.

I’ll conclude just by saying that I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of such a fun and unique group of people.

Westin Davis doing trail maintenance with students at Colegio


Entry submitted by: Haiden

Derek Davis digging with Teacher MiguelWeston Davis, Kate Inskeep, and student Marilyn planting seeds  


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