A Fun Day – Field Trip to Dianchi Lake With Students

Team Journal for Wednesday November 18, 2015

Message of the day: “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” – Robert Frost

Richard's Class

Volunteer Rrichard and his lovely students


The beautiful Dianchi Lake in Kunming

Today, we noted marked progress on all counts.  The team is settling down more, and thus more relaxed, and in finer spirits to prepare better class materials and offer better exchanges with the students.  These are teachers by themselves, so they have been very cooperative and more engaging.  This is also because an added opportunity for them to come in contact with other English-speaking individuals, the better their command of the English language will become.  The writer keeps emphasizing that learning a language calls for “immersion” into it.  The more one does it, the more one becomes. Simplistic enough.

In the writer’s morning session, the class appeared to be more relaxed.  Thus, we were able to cover much material.  We did games covering various aspects of grammar and conversation.  The writer felt that the class participants increased their vocabulary capacity, and that they improved on their communication skills.In the other two classes, the writer learned of similar results.  In one of them, one participant is a minority individual from the Mongolia area, and she performed a traditional Mongolian dance.  The result was a more harmonious learning environment.  The other class translated current newspaper articles.  As a result, the class was able to expand their discussion on the topic, resulting in a very satisfying class.

Chopstick Game

Volunteer Shek participates in a chopsticks game with the students

little red ridinghood

Students perform “Little Red Riding Hood” in English for the volunteers

In the afternoon, we had a field trip to the Dianchi area.  Initially, the writer thought it’d be an event where the team would be leading the 30-plus participant group for a guided English tour of the area.  Instead, the team was surprised with an orchestrated performance event, IN ENGLISH, by all three classes.  It was a most pleasant surprise.  The Global Volunteers team now has no reservation as to their take on the ability of the teacher group; and the results for this Team 219 will be most rewarding, as we will be able to fine-tune the remainder classes for even better results.

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