A fun day Once Again

Today we had another interesting day at the primary/middle school.  The students were preparing for an event to impress a high level official of the district who is supposed to show up later in the week.  They choreographed a program where all the students filed into the main playground in an orderly fashion and then performed some show with props including pom poms and sunflowers. They have been practicing for a few weeks. Mind you, it was 1,890 students doing the same thing at the same time!  My high school only had 1500 kids at most and my town today only has 900 people in it.excerciseAfter watching the rehearsal we met with the 4th & 5th graders again and practiced saying words (I worked on colors, vegetables, shapes, and parts of the body) and then we did a little Hokey Pokey.  All along the enthusiasm expressed by the kids was inspiring and they were just so happy to see a foreigner and to say hi.

rich teachesWe also met with the 9th graders and they have a better ability to speak and working with them is a highlight for me.  We played the category game and worked on pronunciation and vocabulary.

Karen zgOnce again, it was a fun day.

Message of the day: Sometimes the best discoveries are the result of simple observations — Dr. Hasseini

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