A Fun-filled Weekend in Costa Rica

Alicia with her birthday cake made at Anabelli's home

Alicia with her birthday cake made at Anabelli’s home

This morning we woke up to lots of heavy rain. Then we got on to the bus to go to CASEM and on the gravel it was very muddy and slippery. When we got there, we didn’t start working for a while because of the rain as it was hard for the artisans to get to CASEM.

First, we all started working. Josh and Pablo worked on the chairs that were not sturdy with a knife and sandpaper with Don Faustino. Later Josh went upstairs to make yarn balls. Alicia, Randy, Nicole, and Sally were making paper bags or painting t-shirts. The t-shirts had a congo (howler monkey) on them, the moon, and trees.

Then we had an amazing lunch which was chicken soup that Kay helped make. Then we helped celebrate Alicia’s birthday with a birthday cake.

Then we got back to work. Almost all of us did the same thing.

Then we went back to the hotel and relaxed and went out to dinner and had amazing food.

Then we to go see Anthony play in his fútbol team with the whole group. There we had empanadas. We went home. Some walked and some took a cab.

On Saturday we woke up to have breakfast. Then we took a bus to go to Monteverde Preserve. We saw lots of interesting animals and two waterfalls. The best animals we saw were the congo (howler monkey) and tarantula.

After that we went to Bar Amigos to watch the ticos (Costa Ricans) play Uruguay in the World Cup. At half time, Josh, Pablo, and Nicole went to buy Costa Rican jerseys. Then, in the game, we started to win. It was really crazy when the ticos scored.

After that, Josh and Pablo went back to the hotel and everyone else went on a coffee and chocolate tour. Everyone who went on the tour saw two sloths.

On Sunday, we woke up and had an amazing breakfast. Then we got on the bus and went to an adventure park. First, we went on a hanging bridge tour and saw lots of cool things, including a side-striped palm pit viper. In the end of the tour, it started pouring rain. Meanwhile, Randy and Kay went to the other exhibits and saw lots if animals. After that, Pablo, Josh, Alicia, and Randy went back to the hotel and everyone else went to the butterfly and frog place.

Entry submitted by: Josh

Message of the Day – Josh: “A diamond is a just a chunk of coal that has handled stress exceedingly well.” 

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