A Good and Productive Day

Team Journal Entry for Tuesday, June 16

We started the day off the day by having breakfast. Katie shared her message for the day and Vijay read his journal entry for Monday. Next Maggie reviewed the team goals we agreed upon before we began our journey to Monteverde. We agreed that we are all having fun in our own way. I thought it was fun to see the transformation of the weed garden into what will become an herb and vegetable garden. The kids, Ravi, and Tom are having fun on the court interacting with students in playing fút41bol and basketball, sometime all at the same time. Each of us is learning a little bit of Spanish, feel that we are helping Santa Elena, and Megan agreed we are making new friends.

The day started in Profe George’s classroom with 7th grade students whom we worked with last week.  The plan was to continue with garden-related tasks and bagging soil. Since the bags were lost Megan, Maya, and I worked in the existing flower garden to pull weeds while the 7th grade boys were tilling the front area for new plants and Tom and Katie helped create a rock wall area which will later be used for growing seedlings/plants for the gardens. Ravi and Vijay continued to work away at “The Rock” building their muscles. Priya and Katie transported the rock pieces to the garden area to build up the pathway.40

Shortly after we went back to work.  The rest of the morning went by very quickly since we went down to the gym for a little soccer time and then lunch. Everyone enjoyed their hamburguesas while a few of us enjoyed nachos, which I hope to have one more time before we leave. Those were pretty yummy. After lunch we went back to meet the 12th graders. We learned these students are near the end of their time at Colegio as they hit an important milestone in the fall. They will take their finals. Based on their GPA and their internship, they will know if they graduate. Pretty stressful. Many say they want to go on for university. I hope they all get to pursue their dreams and passions.

We proceeded to the work site where we continued our respective tasks. This time Tom, Maya, and I worked with a nice girl to fill the black bags with rich soil which had been sifted days prior. Tom and I could not stop admiring how amazing the soil is. Tom says it’s the volcanic soil which makes it so rich in nutrients. We bagged and we bagged and we bagged and then took a break by heading to the court. The court was pretty busy with a basketball game, soccer game, and music practice all at the same time.  Pretty efficient use of the court. The weather held up with mostly mist throughout the day. At times I thought the wind would blow us away with the big gusts which would come through. But we held still and went back to work to bag some more. We kept bagging while others continued to break and move rock.


All in all we had good and productive day.  The reward was a little more basketball, which made everyone happy.

Entry submitted by: Rita

Message of the Day – Katie: I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realized I was somebody.” – Lily Tomlin


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