A good day of learning the Chinese people and culture

sundayThought for the day:  Train your mind to see the good in every situation.

Today saw LaVerne, Marianne, Judy, Curtis and I going to ViVi’s learning center and meeting with students, their families and teachers.

We spent approximately 45 minutes with the students in their classrooms and were impressed with their English skills.  When our time with them was complete, we had a round of extensive picture taking after which we were divided into three groups and escorted to student’s homes.  Marianne and Judy were in one group, Curtis in one and LaVerne and I in the third.  Each group was given dumpling making lessons and then served a wonderful meal that included many dishes. LaVerne and I were also included in the birthday celebration for the student whose home we visited. We joined in singing Happy Birthday and eating cake.  Afterwards we watched a women’s beach volleyball match between China and Australia on television for a while.

We were then driven to a nearby village where we walked through some of the streets. We were delighted with the friendly interactions we enjoyed with many of the village residents.  We saw several families playing Maijong and Judy was presented with a bag full of persimmons picked fresh from the tree. We spent approximately an hour there and were then returned to our hotel.

Grace and Bill were unable to participate in the outing as Bill was a bit under the weather.

Donald spent the day with two students who escorted him to the Drum Tower as well as various other shopping and assorted locations.

We continue to enjoy the people and culture of Xi’an.


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