A Great Day of Work at CASEM


Painting! (Josh, Angélica, Nicole, and Alicia)

Today, while working at CASEM, everyone worked very hard. Kaye painted and helped with the store, Randy had the important job of painting and cleaning up split paint, and Paul mainly got filthy and saved me from bugs, if only for a little while. Alicia helped make our lunch and painted t-shirts with Josh. My grandma Sally and I painted outside and painted t-shirts inside. These t-shirts are given to guides and drivers as commission. A few of us were bitten by rouge insects. For dinner we had the best food Josh has had so far, which was some sort of wrap. We ended the night with everyone going in town with the exception of my grandma and me as we were, at least in my case, too busy watching Cloverfield and lowering the bar for journals to go. Maggie is the raddest chica.

Entry submitted by: Nicole

Message of the Day – Alicia: “Five simple rules for happiness:
1) Free your heart from hatred.
2) Free your mind from worry.
3) Live simply.
4) Give more.
5) Expect less.”


The CASEM building – starting to look different!

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