Vietnam Volunteering Report From Mr. Long

We were pleased to receive this note describing the accomplishments of our students since we’ve been teaching the English these past two weeks:


As a conversational English class, I personally found that the class has achieved:
1) Child’s self-confidence in speaking English.
2) Good contact and interaction between the volunteers and our kids.
3) Kids had accessed to the new way of teaching such as: singing a song, doing “moving exercises”, playing puzzle games, reading funny story.
4) Furthermore, our kids had developed their skills of working in group and “onstage/board” presentation.

* Things to be improved for next classes (conversational one.)
It would be excellent if the volunteers could have a “photo” instruction in showing vocabulary to the kids. I find it wonderful if they could get a copied image for illustration from THE OXFORD PICTURE DICTIONARY. Thanks for taking time to read these comments.

Sponsorship Secretary
Language Assistance to the Class”

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