A productive Monday

A gorgeous day began with a delicious fritata for breakfast and a recap of everyones free time experiences over the weekend. Then another trip on forty miles of bad road to the work site where we met with Alex who outlined the work to be done.The painting of the front wall continued as did the demolition of the Red Cross building and bleacher ramps. These items are close to completion.On Saturday the community had a meeting and were impressed by the amount of work done by ¨senior citizens¨.

After another abundant lunch at Giselle´s the group proceeded to the school to continue their English language classes with one member staying behind with one of our host to prep and paint a metal grid in hopes it can be installed and welded before we leave.Dick was surprised and encouraged when he said to his class ¨hello, how are you¨? and they responded Ï am fine, thank you.¨ They all seemed happy at the end of class and wanted a photo taken with him.Don´s class was learning contractions and words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.Simone and Allen discussed the colors of the rainbow and directions on a compass. They used a world map to show where they and their relatives are from.All in all another rewarding day.

– Jean

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