A Recovery Nothing Short of Miraculous

Tan 1407A1 Toni with RMAs health activityOur first morning without our fellow teammates just had a different feel to it. Very much like the end of a season. Despite our inner feeling of loss of our friends, everyone made the most of their respective day! Toni went to the clinic and covered oral hygiene and even had a translator for a portion of it. Angie went to the orphanage and had a wonderful time working with the girls. She was later invited to the home of one of the girls with Nicole. They visited and danced and sang before being escorted back to the mission house before dinner. Kathryn G.’s fortune teller project with her class was a huge success. Edward was there at the time to help and even attempted one himself! Angela and Grace taught a great lesson on expressions of politeness and then read a story before returning to the mission house to clean up and journal. Nicole and Mimi went to the Catholic school and did flashcards, cleaned the play areas, and danced with the children. Lina spent the day in bed fighting off her cold and is winning the battle (we think). Mimi also assisted Hina working with Sam, the burn victim, and for the first time since treatment has started he did NOT cry. His recovery is nothing short of miraculous. Kathryn B. and I finished the outer walls of the bathroom and Moses didn’t fire me despite being less than competent at actually getting the concrete on the walls! As for spraying it all over Kathryn, I may go pro! Finally the day ended with yet another unbelievable African sunset and Edward gave us a preemptive talk about the wedding Saturday and our Sunday events.

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