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Weather cools a bit as we greet this new day. It’s the usual crazy, insane commute to NBK – totally indescribable mayhem of cars, motor scooters, bikes, plus all the sidewalk merchant distractions.  We are assigned to Miss Vananh’s classes today – talking about body parts, numbers (1-10) and the concepts of “in,” “under” and “over” etc.  Plus the children created cards to celebrate International Women’s Day which is today.  I was treated like a queen receiving roses from several classes.
After lunch we headed to the Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology – with Thu, our friendly NBK colleague.  It is a fascinating place – wonderful artifacts representing the talents and lifestyles of Vietnamese minority people – of which there are 90 groups!  I especially enjoyed walking through the very interesting “homes” and community buildings of various peoples on the museum grounds – bamboo floors, towering ceilings!
Also there was an amazing “long” junk boat – more than 100 feet long.  It was used in several junk races, then retired to the museum.  After enjoying coffee in the museum cafe with Robin from the U.K. – pleasant fellow – we headed back to school.

A fancy teacher’s program and Women’s Day celebration followed.  We were introduced to the teachers formally. I gave a few remarks and so did David. Great fun!  A huge potluck ensued with interesting dishes.  Then back to the hotel.  Later in the evening, Jack, Bob & I stopped at the Pub next door to the hotel for conversation and pizza!  Fun!  Goodnight!            

– Barb       

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