A Week in Review

Message for the Day: “Life is like a bowl of cherries – with all the pits!”

Barb did a week in review to see if we reached our goals. I believe the answer was “yes” from all. Charlie was recognized for his excellent work with a marzipan llama.

Last day – Bob and Charlie went to Center #2 while Mary and Barb stayed at Center #1. Charlie worked with the kids getting ready for our last day festival. Bob worked with the two-year-olds learning words and drawing circles.

Barb created another work of art with the numbers one to five. Mary sang with the kids and had a great day. At 10:30 a.m., they headed to Center #2 for our goodbye party with a stop at the store for some treats for the kids.

The party started with some nice words from Lily and a speech by our leader, Barb. The little kids danced to music or should I say the teachers danced and the little ones moved some. The next group of older kids did a very nice dance for us. We really enjoyed it. The teachers performed an Ecuadorian folk dance next. At the end, they dragged all of us onto the floor (including Charlie) to dance with them.

Mary and Charlie asked the kids to sing Happy Birthday to Gary – Mary’s husband and Charlie’s dad. The kids sang in both Spanish and English. Charlie recorded it and emailed it to Gary.

Each of the volunteers received a figurine and a beautiful thank you card all decorated and framed. They also received an even larger thank-you card for the team decorated with flowers and hand prints. Hugs and kisses and then back to Center #1 for final goodbyes there.

Last lunch and meal together – hamburgers, fries, and ice cream. Charlie was a happy camper.

Final goodbyes for the teammates… It’s been a great week!

Signed: Volunteer Bob

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