¡Adiós, amigos!

Team Journal Entry for Friday, August 14 

Today we woke up extra early so we could pack all of our bags and get ready for our last day at Colegio. At breakfast most people had the granola as a light choice so they wouldn’t be too full at the goodbye breakfast. Then after breakfast we all walked down to Colegio as we did every other day. When we arrived we walked up to our usual break spot to where the vegetable garden was being made. When we arrived we gathered together with all of Jorge’s estudiantes while he went to retrieve the world famous eleventh graders that everybody enjoyed, especially myself and Emma because we were all close in age (we are all teenagers).

IMG_0248When the eleventh graders arrived, Christopher, Ronny, and Keylin led us on a trail around the school and in the forest. They took us around showing us the cows first, then they took us up to the actual trail and we walked all around while Christopher and Ronny explained to us everything about the forest including all of the different insects and plants that we saw. They also picked us some delicious berries off of the trees and bushes to eat.

When we finished walking the trail, all of the volunteers and students gathered in the classroom for a homemade breakfast made by the students themselves. As we finished the breakfast, everybody talked about how they enjoyed it and how it was muy bueno. Everyone continued to talk and socialize while the students got ready for their very well-rehearsed special dance. When the students were ready, we gave them our full attention. The first dance was a funny one where the kids danced around in funny costumes and masks. The next dance there were two girls in dresses and two boys in outfits all in the colors of Monteverde. IMG_1165During some of the dances they asked some of the volunteers to join in, so we did and had lots of fun. After the dance, Profe Jorge gave a speech about how helpful we were and how thankful he was that we came to the Colegio. Then all of the eleventh graders gave a certificate to each one of the volunteers for their help during the week. After the certificates were given out, we all said our very sad goodbyes hoping to see the kids again hopefully in the near future. We then went down to the town for our last lunch together having our last conversations and then went back to the Mar Inn and said our last goodbyes. Then it was over. Just like that the week was over. It seemed like it was so fast. I think many others wished it was for two weeks instead of one. Unfortunately, it was over and everyone was on their way home.

Thanks for all the great memories guys. ¡Adiós, amigos!

Entry submitted: Jack  

Message of the Day – Thomas: “Do unto others as you would have done to you.” 




















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