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Last night´s volleyball game that several of us planned to attend did not take place, so instead Pam and Sandy attended the 7:00 mass at the local church–a very moving and interesting experience. 



Friday was another work day at the Reserve for two of the Metz family members, Jennifer and Gifford. Following work, their family enjoyed some adventure sports, bungee jumping and other canopy swings. 



The “ladies” work day was again at the local high school, helping one of the English teachers work on language skills with his students. Following the work day, we went on a short tour of the local cheese factory started by the Quakers who first came to this area in the early 50s. We also got to taste several of the many cheeses they produce there. We were able to visit some of the local co-op shops and galleries along that road afterwards. 



We had our last dinner together as a full team, reminisced about our week, and said our goodbyes to the Metz family. 



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