All the Students Look Forward to our Classes – Yeah!

Messages of the Day:

“The customer is always right.” – maybe Conrad Hilton

“The customer is God.” – Golden Spring Hotel

 Team Journal Entry:

After an 8 a.m. breakfast we met with 6-8 of the reception staff to help them with problems they have with foreign guests regarding several issues in English:

– Requests to “change” (break yuan into smaller bills) vs. “exchange” money which must be done at the bank
– How to help guests with Wi-Fi and internet access problems
– Guests who want to charge items to their room bill but the hotel cannot because they do not have the credit card system (reservations usually made online via booking websites) – guests are asked for a deposit which irritates Western guests
– Where to order drinks in the hotel
– Helping the bellboy greet and help foreigners arriving via taxi or airport bus

They were very appreciative of the things we clarified for them in English.

JohnIn the afternoon, we all had 6th grade classes. Jack presented letters, colors, and numbers in Q & A of “What color is this?” with the answer “This color is ____.” Also, “How old are you?” Each class was very good. Errett used maps as usual and did ‘The Hokey Pokey’ using various body parts. She also asked Q&A “How old are you?” and “How old am I?”  Linda used 20 minutes to go through “What letter is this?” with class then individual student answering “This letter is ___.” Then the same drill with “What color is this?”  The last 20 minutes were for introducing combined sentences using color and an object: “What is this?” and “This is a car”. Then Linda asked “What color is the car”? and students were asked together then separately “This car is red”. Several different objects were used. Some students were able to say “This bird is black and white.”

Our 8th grade class had received the homework assignment to tell us about their family, their favorite food, and their favorite TV show or sport. Each of our groups had written out scripts describing their family members, what each family member liked to do, and their favorite food and sport. Jack finished with “Jingle Bells” which they understood; Errett took her group out to the sports field to have Jack demonstrate his “secret weapon” – sharp elbows! Linda asked “What do you do on Saturday?” and got a great variety of answers: “I go shopping”, “I play basketball”, “I do my homework”, etc.

Shirley (one of the English teachers) said all the students look forward to our classes, which is very good news to us!


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