Always Remain Flexible!

Today started with another incredible breakfast of bacon, eggs, and coffee here in Costa Rica. We were a couple minutes late leaving for Canitas, but soon got underway with sunny skies ahead and great hopes that we would arrive and see a truck filled with tile sitting there waiting for us so we could begin the community center tiling project. We had no such luck so me, CK, and Roberto cleared out the drainage ditches up near the health office and lumber yards, while Cathy, and “Captain Kirk” put the finishing touches on the bare floors for the tile.

They joined us soon after our lightning coffee break to rake up the grass in the front yard of the health office, while me, CK, and Roberto explored the area a little and took some pictures. Lunch was bomb, we had steak and more beans. I love beans! About ten minutes before lunch was over the rain came and washed our morning work down the drain, literally.

Hanging out with Don Nicco’s family was a humbling experience, seeing them so happy, just in each other’s company, made me want to toss away all my televisions as soon as I get home.

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