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Your Skills Change Children’s Futures!

Children are the future – help them reach their full potential. By sharing what you know for one or two weeks on a Global Volunteers service program, you can initiate life-long change. Since 1987, Global Volunteers has engaged professionals, retirees, students, families, and individuals of all ages in sustaining development at the ground level. We invite you to contribute your skills to projects that help children learn, grow, and develop at the time when they need it most – in the first 1,000 days.

Give. Care. Explore. Be a Global Volunteer.

Every day is a new adventure in service working under the direction of our community partners. Help children reach their full potential through preschool instruction and care, primary school tutoring, secondary school mentoring, programs for pregnant women and children, and by helping to repair and improve community buildings – while experiencing all the color, music, art and flavor of the local culture. Travel with us – a long-standing non-profit leader in worldwide volunteering.

And, consider this: Your program and travel costs are tax-deductible! One to three week itineraries, including lodging, food, local transportation, project materials and a trained team leader are available year-round. There’s no other experience like this to truly make a significant difference in the world!

Community Volunteer Projects

Classroom Teaching

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Maternal and Baby Care

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Computer Literacy

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Health Care

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Repair and Maintenance

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Travel With Passion and Purpose

“This was without question the most rewarding experience of my life – helping people with important projects, feeling the warmth and appreciation of children and teens, and living the life of a villager. It was authentic, and unparalleled.”


“It made me a kinder person, a warmer person, and even a less-judgmental person. But really, it gave me tremendous perspective.” 

Almost everyone I met in one way or another thanked me just for coming there.” 

You realize you have something in common with the people you’re working with. It really is waging peace through justice worldwide.”

“These have been among the most meaningful and beneficial experiences in my life.” 

Global Volunteers
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