Anniversary Team Arrives in Poland!


Anniversary Team

Most team members gathered at the airport in Warsaw. One team member was already at Reymontówka and one unfortunately had problems with her flight connections and is not expected until almost midnight.

When volunteers arrive at Reymontowka they are welcomed by the traditional bread and salt ceremony. In some Central European countries this is called the salt and bread ceremony. In either case, the message is “Welcome and we will care for you.”

Shortly after the team arrived, obiad (the mid-day meal in Polish) was served. This began with leek soup. It was followed by an entrée of roast pork with potatoes, red cabbage salad, and cole slaw. It was accompanied by fruit juices of one’s choice and coffee.
Following the meal Dorota distributed folders that contained useful information about the schedules for the coming week, the passwords for using Wi-Fi, the history of Reymontówka, and how to do laundry. In particular she reviewed the schedule for the weekend of May 16-17 which marks the 25th anniversary of the partnership between the County (powiat) of Siedlce and Global Volunteers. Dorota then took the volunteers on a tour of the Reymontówka campus.
By then it was one hour until the next meal! Volunteers took the opportunity to unpack and get their appliances hooked to Wi-Fi.
The evening meal featured pierogi which was enjoyed by all. Soon everyone disappeared to their home, hopefully to get a good night’s sleep.
Journal by Lori


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