We woke up to another beautiful day in Quito. Katie immediately warmed my heart when she said, “I can’t wait to get to the center to see the kids again.” After another great breakfast with a surprise of tamale-like humitas and quimbolitosand a whole pitcher of blackberry juice, we heard the message of the day from Katie about “being the change you wish to see in the world” and a special update from Suzanne on their new grandson from her journal reading. We noted a wide range of sleep from like a rock to waking at four a.m. as we adjust to the Quito schedule. Regardless everyone arrived at FUNDAC cheerful and ready to serve.
Before we started back on the bookshelves, I got Neal’s opinion about adding wheels to the shelves and we concurred that this would create a safety hazard. We also agreed that shelf supports would add strength. Maggie cleared with FUNDAC and we marched off to the hardware store to finds items that might work – Maggie, Óscar, Carlos, and me.
Back at the center lots of gesturing (due to my lack of español) and back and forth resolved additional issues that arose with our new system. Each of us had different ways to solve the same problem, reminding me of our Volunteer Manual – the degrees and education and proper speech don’t matter as much as being there, working as a team, and using the power of your team to resolve issues. It works and I think that’s why they call it teamwork. Two bookshelves are nearly complete and after screwing several hundred tornillos, I have the blisters to prove it.
Tom, Carlos, and Óscar working hard with those screws for the bookshelf
Back in the center Seija, Suzanne, and Katie continued their work helping newly placed children dealing with “change” early in their lives. They had transition upset and showed it with some healthy crying. Katie tells me the kids in her two-year-old class now shout out “tu papá” whenever they see me go by. Neal admitting to joking around with the cooks in the kitchen! Sounds like Neil is learning cooking and teaching them how to laugh!
Neal and Tía Marisol serving lunch
After lunch we stopped by the masapán shop owned by Cecilia. She gave a great demo on working masapán and as a maestrashowed Katie how to make a rose. We each left with purchases made special by the time spent with Cecilia.
Cecilia demonstrating her art


Katie took photos of the kids today and when she showed them, the kids would laugh and point at each other, wanting to see them over and over. Tonight as I write this before bed, Katie is laughing out loud as she thinks of the cute kids loving to see their pictures.

Katie showing the girls their pictures
Maggie reserved tickets for us to see the Jacchigua Ballet Folclórico Nacional Permanente in Quito so we had a delicious 6:00 dinner of soft tacos with “everything” including cerveza fríafor the adults by way of Neal, Suzanne, and Seija.
Jacchigua dance performance
After a quick cab ride (two) to the theater, we found our entrance and enjoyed lively, cultural indigenous music and dances with spectacular costumes from various regions of Ecuador. Most of the performances needed no interpretation. The music and dance was lively and entertaining enough to keep tired Global Volunteers awake. And at the carnaval finale they took Katie to dance! I think we met our team goals today! It was fun at FUNDAC and a great team effort all day long!

Entry submitted by: Tom Horne

Message of the day – Katie Horne: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – Mahatma Ghandi

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