Another Busy Day Teaching Our College Students

All three members of fearless Global Volunteer Team 251 reported another busy day teaching our POL1510A1 Team photo 18) (1)college students. Perry’s students shared information about Polish holidays and customs along with preparing creative responses to writing prompts to read all in English. Betty’s classes read American newspaper foods ads and wanted to know about GMO and CRV. In addition, her students wrote and read creative responses to writing prompts.Betty also made her students “exercise their tongues” by practicing the “th” sound by going from 3, to 33, to 333 and more.

Some of the college instructors have asked for their students to learn about American government from us as the topic is part of the university’s required curriculum. This topic is high school memories for us but we are grateful for magic of the Internet.

POL1510A1 Constance (Connie) Crane (40)During the late afternoon, Perry again spent time helping Robert with English skills at our manor. Much of the time was spent with conversations about the US and his work as the CFO of a company. Connie again met with Paulina who is in her last year of high school. Paulina is preparing to take her examinations at the end of May to qualify for technical school.

Over the last several days students have asked me about the Global Volunteer program. The meaning of “volunteer” is a new concept to many of them and, I think, an opportunity for them to see and hear Americans in ways they will not see on the BBC or in movies…..I live in hope.

Journal by Betty

MESSAGE OF THE DAY – You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. Ayn Rand (Shared by Perry)

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