Another fun and successful teaching day!

??????????Thought for the day:  Confucius says…“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Our morning starting out with a wonderful breakfast. Maryann discovered a breakfast item similar to Benques, famous in New Orleans and went back for seconds. Bill and Curtis past their laptops back and forth, having an in-depth discussion, that no one else paid any attention too.

After breakfast, everyone went off to their respective school for a morning of teaching, learning and having fun with whatever the day would bring.

The day was overcast and everyone returned for lunch with wonderful stories of successes and tried attempts, with the students in our classes, but we all laughed and enjoyed the tasteful dishes of various favors and aromas.  Cyndy has now mastered eating with chopsticks; so, it is now Judy’s turn…however the jury is still out on her success.

Bill and Grace shared their adventure to the mock nursery for the Nursing students, at their school, and Maryann ended her teaching session with a great round of ‘Row Row Row your boat” which she taught her students to sing.  Final details were discussed about our group trip to visit the Terra Cotta Army on Saturday and Curtis and Cyndy made plans to hike Huashan Mountain next week.

Baoli reviewed the details for each group and the specific school activities for Thursday and Friday and reminded every one of the meeting time for dinner at a local restaurant for the evening meal.

After Lunch, everyone headed out for various shopping adventures, walking and looking and looking and walking.

I was not in attendance due to a small flu bug, but heard that the dinner meal was divine and enjoyed by all, Donald read the daily journal and after a long adventuresome day, we ended our 5th day in China.

LaVerne ,

Global Volunteer

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