Another good day….

Message of the Day: Elena Ferancy

“I don’t work here because it is easy, or fun or comfortable. I work here because it is good. Maybe the outside of it doesn’t change. And sure, there are a thousand heartbreaks. But the inside is changing in a some of them. They have hope.” –From the book The Swan House

Journal: Allen Church

Monday morning and the day started with brilliant sunshine. This is a follow-up to the Sunday afternoon rain showers that provided a run-off in the Quito streets. Most of our reduced team size of six visited two of the major cathedrals in the old town region during the afternoon showers. Some of the rainfall continued until a little after dinner and left leakage spots in the hotel serving area.

The Monday morning drive to Calderón was under nearly cloudless skies through Quito. The mountain tops were fully visible and the air pollution was gone.

Calderón was not as fortunate. The evidence of precipitation was barely visible.

The team deployed with Irene and Elaina; Michelle and Kaitlin in the first unit. Allen and Beth returned to the second unit. The children were just as vigorous and vocal as they had been when last seen on Friday. The children had a generous half-hour outside play period. Our lunch in the downtown restaurant was quieter than when the other two families, including the youths, were with us.

We six returned to our assignments for the afternoon. Beth reported that one of the babies had a vomit event. Allen found four of the six students from his class in the classroom and took them under his care for the afternoon. Bus pick-up at unit 2 was at 4 p.m. and we returned to Hotel Sol de Quito.

Our dinner was a repeat of the taco meal that was so successful last week. Another good day!


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