Another great day…

Thought for the Day: “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

– Michael Jordon

Day 5 Thursday July 28 Dean Sheftel

Our day started off as usual coming to breakfast around 7 am. We had our usual breakfast of various rolls, coffee, tea, fruits and yogurt drinks. At breakfast we heard the usual journal entry and very long quote I just read again by Thomas Jefferson.

As usual we got ready to leave for the sites around 8-815. As usual, first we dropped my Mom and Susan off at Site # 1. Fabian then brought me, Steve, and Jessica to Site #2. As usual, we were greeted by a smiling friendly woman accompanied by a few crying little children who wanted their Mommies. We went in and the kids were just finishing their breakfast. Sandra told me that for the first part of the day her friend Josenia needed help in her room. At first Josenia had me sweep the outside room but then she had me do some drawings for the kids to color, which reminded me that they can’t make copies here.

After that I went back to Sandra’s room where we noticed people starting the sanding and painting on the shelves outside. The kids were fascinated by this. Sandra and I both found itfunny when we looked outside and saw Kristina dancing with one of the women there. After lunch a few people went shopping and as usual my Mom was disgusted by the raw meat in one of the stores. When we got back to the site Jessica and I taught English (Jessica teaching Josenia and me teaching Sandra). Steve went out to do more outside work as well. After that I was dropped along with my Mom at the basketball courts at Carolina Park where I got involved in a game.

When we got back we immediately left again to see amazing sights and go shopping a little. We went to a restaurant called Pim’s. It was an amazingly elegant place with an amazing view. We all enjoyed the food during our romantic candlelit dinner. Our pictures didn’t come out very well of the sites there so Susan told us that we should try to always cherish the pictures in our minds which I decided to do as well. I hope I can remember it as it is already escaping my brain. It was a great, exciting day.

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